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14 01

About one month before, we publish an article: What is the best font for business signs? before this afternoon, we do think it is a good article for people to know how to choose the font for the business signs.

This afternoon, my colleague Alex show me a article in Linkedin write by Michal Gasior, then we be shocked, we realized that our perspective is limited by our identity. As a signage manufacturers, the question: What is the best font for business signs? would be the question: What is the best font fit for business signs production?

So in last article, we said:

We suggest using sans-serif fonts for business signs,bolder font would be better, because:

  1. The stroke width of the sans-serif font is relatively uniform, which makes the production relatively simple whether it is a illuminated signs or the non-illuminated signs.
  2. Because the processing is relatively simple, it can also reduce the cost and time of production.

But when we see a image list by Michal Gasior, please check the follow:
new logos
We do agree the Michal Gasior view point: "If it wasn't for branding and brand identity, especially in fashion, what makes one choose particular brands?"
In the 1970s, for almost all the people in China wearing gray clothes, only commonality has no personality, everyone looks same. I can't image that if all the business signs are all in bolder sans-serif font.

So we need to correct our view point for the business signs font:

  • For business signs production, we suggest using the bolder sans-serif font, which do fit for most types of signage and save production cost.
  • For business owner, the fonts style is very important too, with same type of font, even if the signage be produced in top quality already, it is difficult to stand out.

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