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07 06

Costa is one of our regular customers, who have ordered several set of custom signage from us satisfied. In May 2018, Costa contacted us to order a signage. After confirming the details, he paid us the deposit. Since his deposit payment was by PAYPAL, the payment did not comply with PayPal Seller Protection, so we return the payment and let him pay again. We didn't expect Costa to be completely lost since then, all the emails sent to him did not have any reply. That time happened to be when Trump proposed to increase taxes on Chinese products. We guessed that it might be the reason. Although it was a pity, we didn't want our customers to be embarrassed, so we didn't contact him again.

Until the beginning of 2019, my colleague Alex, who had contacted with Costa before, suddenly told us that Costa wrote a letter to us, but it was a group email for Joanna's Fun Run/Walk. Through this email, we realized that Costa lost his daughter in 2018. What we admire is that they have established Joanna Sophia Foundation to help other children and families in need, and that activity is to promote and raise funds for the foundation.

group email for Joanna's Fun Run/Walk.
Group email for Joanna's Fun Run/Walk

We decided to do something for this foundation, our sales department made a discussion on this at a morning meeting. After considering the donating or donating materials, we decided to provide Joanna Sophia Foundation with a free custom signage, and hope that the signage can have the following characteristics:

  1. Easy for installation
  2. Have a good presentation, whether it is day or night
  3. Be able to use outdoors
  4. Have a longer service life
  5. To have a certain ability to interact, help visitors to understand the relevant history of the Foundation, to make donations or other operations.

We finished the production in 12 business days, then DHL finished the door to door delivery in 3 days.
DHL waybill tracking
DHL waybill tracking

Costa told us that they greatly appreciate the signage, which make us very happy too. The final product is as follows:

  1. Be a LED lightbox signs which is easy installation. Although the effect of the individual illuminated letters will be better, each letter needs to be installed separately and wired, which will increase the installation cost.
  2. The box is made of stainless steel. Although aluminum is also a good metal material, the stainless steel could make the details of the final products be much better. Considering that the overall size of the lightbox signs is 50 cm * 30 cm * 8 cm, although stainless steel will be heavier than aluminum, the weight is also acceptable on this signs. In general, by using the stainless steel box do increase the weight, but the details and life time will be improved.
  3. Through the painting process, we have the box with the same pink color as the Joanna Sophia Foundation website, which makes the signs and website related.
  4. Considering the problem of uniformity of illumination and long-distance recognition, we did not use the LOGO and fonts on the Joanna Sophia Foundation. Instead, we used a sans serif font with a uniform stroke width to make the illumination more uniform.
  5. Considering that the signs may be used outdoors, we use UL certificated waterproof LED, MW brand UL certificated waterproof transformer, and a leak hole at the bottom of the case.
  6. In the lower right corner of the lightbox signs, we added a QR code by UV printing, so that visitors can access the Joanna Sophia Foundation official website by scanning the QR code on the mobile phone to learn about the situation and make donations.
  7. The signage will use stud bolts to fix on the backing wall, and we provided with washes, nuts and other mounting accessories. Also provides wiring diagram and installation instructions to help the installer could finish the installation correctly and quickly.

LOGO of Joanna Sophia Foundation
The current logo is hard to get the uniform lighting effect

Custom LED lightbox signs for Joanna Sophia Foundation
Signage effect, photographed in our workshop

Custom LED lightbox signs for Joanna Sophia Foundation
Illuminated effect, photographed in our workshop

Finally, let's advertise for Joanna's Fun Run/Walk, if you are living near St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church • 196-10 Northern Blvd Flushing, NY 11358 and have time on June 29, 2019, hope you can register Joanna's Fun Run/Walk

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