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If you have a business or you’re planning to open one, one of the things that you have to do is to think about what kind of business signs you will be using. An attractive, a good signs is a good sign of business.

1: You’ better have a budget

Most business signs is customized, different detail would cause different cost, so you’d better have a budget, so that the signage company can know which kind of signage fit you well.

2: Design the logo and decide the content

Though the signs company can help you do that, you’d better prepare the logo or the content when you need to order the business signs. Vector format design file would be better.

3: Choose the signs models you need.

The metal business signs could be LED illuminated signs or non-illuminated signs. We can install the LED lighting in the signage shell, then the metal business signs can have the halo effect, we call this as LED backlit signs
3D LED Backlit Signs With Powder Coated Stainless Steel Letter Shell And Visible Thickness Acrylic Back Panel For Burberry

4: Choose the metal

Aluminum can be used to produce the metal business signs, also the stainless steel, the brass even the galvanized sheet can be used to produce the metal business signs too

5: Choose the surface finish effect

  • Aluminum signs surface could be brushed, painted or powder coated in color fit the PMS
  • Stainless steel surface could be mirror polished, brushed, painted or powder coated in color fit the PMS, also could be plated gold, rose gold etc.
  • Brass surface could be mirror polished or brushed
  • Galvanized sheet could be galvanized sheet

6: Decide where the signage would be installed.

If you choose the LED backlit signs be your metal business signs, you’ll need have an electrical junction, behind the wall or in the ceiling above mostly, to support the power.

7: know the lead time well

The non-illuminated metal business signs could be finished in 10 business days, and the LED backlit signs could be finished in 15 business days mostly, then DHL need about 1–5 days for the door to door delivery, so left about 20 business days for the lead time would be better

8: Confirm with your land lord

It is very import too.

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