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04 01

As a professional custom commercial signs maker, a lot of people had asked us about the importance of the business signs. This is actually a very good question, but we have not had statistics data, so we only can base our life experience, very vaguely telling customers that good business signage can make your brand stand out, outdoor signs help draw attention and differentiate landmarks and locations. Indoor signs help customers locate merchandise, advertise a promotion and can lead to impulse purchases when added to special displays. etc., without data support the answers are usually not very convincing.

Today we happened to get the statistics data of some professional organizations and share with you.

1: Statistics by FedEx Office

FedEx Office Survey: Standout Signs Contribute to Sales (in 2014)

They found:

  • Nearly 76% of consumers (8 in 10) said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs.
  • Nearly 75% indicated that they had told others about a business simply based on its signage.
  • About 68% of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services.
  • About 67% of the consumers surveyed said they had purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.
  • Nearly 60% of consumers said that the absence of signs deters them from entering a store or business.
  • Over 50% of survey respondents indicated that poor signage (e.g., poor quality, misspelled words) deters them from entering a place of business.

2: Statistics by Sign Research Foundation

Economic Value of On-Premise Signage – Executive Summary

They found:

  • 50% American consumers who have driven by a desired business without finding it due to insufficient signage
  • 36% Decrease in occupancy rates when one hotel chain moved its highly visible sign to a less conspicuous location
  • 34% North American shoppers who associate sign quality with store and product quality
  • 29% North American shoppers who make store choices based on the information communicated by store signs
  • 16% Increase in weekly sales for one business that combined a major building sign modification with two 36% additional minor change
  • Roughly 60% of businesses reported that changing the design or enhancing the visibility of their signage had a positive impact on sales, number of transactions and profits, with an average increase of about 10%.
  • 38% of large companies with multiple locations identified branding/image as the most important purpose of effective signage, while small firms and single establishments perceived signs to be most important for making their business stand out and for helping customers find their location.
  • Legibility was chosen by both consumers and businesses as the most important characteristic of signs.

These years, with the rise of social app, it seems that the mode of doing business has changed overnight. As long as you become a internet sensation, it is so easy to do business. Just one twitter or video etc. the internet sensation can cause a huge number of people to specific stores. So some people think that a good signage doesn't seem to be that important now. This is actually a serious misunderstanding. First of all, in fact, the internet sensation is a kind of signs too, which let them stand out from others; secondly, a good business signs always make people easily find the business location.

Salt bae

Internet sensation: Salt Bae, his technique for preparing meat is a signs too

Therefore, although the statistics data has been around for 5 or 6 years, these data is still highly informative. A good business signs is a sign of good business sign, it can be said that the importance of business signs is unquestionable from now to the foreseeable future.

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