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06 03

Thank you letter

Thanks all of our clients sincerely during this corona virus outbreak period!

Both your trust and our responsibility of on-time delivery, made us reopen on Feb 10th with all efforts, which is the allowed date only for few big companies like Huawei and BYD. It really means a lot to us because factory is running smoothly then all staff can keep salary being paid for their livings.

Good news is that after two weeks positive communication and coordination with the government, plenty of internal protection work for corona virus everyday, all of our workers have come back from their hometown safely. They are well prepared for working right now! And most of our suppliers are back to normal work also.

So if any projects need to be put into production, or any support need from us, we're pleased to be contacted.

Again, fully thanks to every one of your patience, expertise and genuine concern. Hope we can cooperate better and better in this year& near future!

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