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27 11


Last week, a customer asked one of our sales staff to recommend the best business signs for him. My colleague said that our signage here all are the best. To do this the customer complained to our manager, he said he was not responsible for the work. This morning at our manager informed of this matter to us, let us to take seriously to every issue asked by each customer, and answer with the most details to solve customer queries.

I can understand the customer’s idea, because he does not understand the signs, hoping using the “best” signs to decorate his store, in order his shop can be the best visual results. I also understand my sales colleagues, because everyone has different ideas of the best. For better showing effect which requires a lot of things to match, such as ambient light environment, the background environment, the decoration style, and so on.

If you have a similar question, I recommend that you prepare some information, such as how about the installation environment, what kind of material at the installation location, the sign type you like, and the sign material you prefer. If possible, you can send information to us by photos, we will give you the most reasonable proposal based on the information you provided

Of course, if it is convenient, please tell us your budget, so we can provide you with the best for your selection within your budget.

Here I on behalf of my colleagues to apologize to that customer. Our factory has always been committed to the highest quality products to customers, of course, including the service. We will learn lessons, and make every effort to make every customer happy.

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